Student of the University in Nova Gorica Takes Silver at the International Competition of Tasters

Vanesa Klinec, a student at the Graduate School of Viticulture and Winemaking at the University in Nova Gorica, took second place at the international competition of young tasters called Paris Agricultural Show. In the finals of the competition, Vanesa Klinec lost only to a student from France. Therefore, she was awarded a silver medal.

At the first stage, her competitors were 24 students from 12 countries. Participants of the competition were to prepare a marketing project on the topic of moderate and responsible wine drinking. With the help of a fellow student, she decided to make a short film. At the final stage of the competition, the participants, in addition to defining the characteristics of wine, had to tell how they would serve it to the table and for what dishes it could be recommended.

Vanesa Klinec comes from the winery region of Gorishka Brda. Her family has been engaged in viticulture and winemaking for many years. She also decided to devote herself to this business and engage in entrepreneurship. The girl already has a lot of business ideas. She has never lacked desires and motivations as well.