Statistics Service: An Average Slovenian Spends 1,050 EUR on Food per Year

Slovenes spend an average of 1,050 EUR per year on food for home cooking. These data were published by the country’s statistics service on 16 October on the International Food Day. According to the agency, last year, the Slovenian consumer on average used 152 kg of fruit, 126 kg of bakery products, 117 kg of vegetables, 93 kg of meat, 67 kg of potatoes, 34 kg of white sugar, 11 kg of eggs, and 1 kg of honey.

In 2018, 2,360 enterprises were involved in food production in the country, which generated 2.1 billion euros of revenue and 499 million euros of added value. The largest added value was produced by enterprises specialising in the production of meat products. Altogether, 16,522 people were employed in the food production sector last year, with an average monthly salary of € 1,361 gross.

In 2018, the total export volume of Slovenian enterprises (food producers) amounted to 1 billion euros, and the import volume made 1.7 billion euros. The majority of food products were imported from Germany (15.8%), Italy (14.4%), Croatia (14.4%), Austria (12.6%) and Brazil (8.4%), while the main target markets for Slovenian products were in Croatia (20.9%), Italy (17.5%), Austria (7.9%), Hungary (5.3%), and Germany (4.9%).