Specialists from the University of Maribor Share Their Experience in Organising PhD Programmes with Colleagues from Austria, Albania and Montenegro as Part of the MARDS Project

On 6-8 November 2019, the University of Maribor organised a PhD programme development workshop for representatives of six universities from Montenegro and Albania and with the participation of guests from Austria. During the workshop, teachers from the PhD School of the University of Maribor who develop PhD programmes shared their experience and recommendations in this field. The event was held as part of the MARDS project (Reforming PhD Studies in Montenegro and Albania – Good Practice Paradigm).

This project involves 15 institutions. In addition to universities, these are specialised ministries and industrial and commercial chambers. The leading partner of the project is the University of Montenegro. Through the MARDS project, partners seek to contribute to solving serious problems in the Montenegrin and Albanian systems of higher education with a focus on PhD studies. The key objectives of the project include adaptation of both systems in accordance with the Salzburg principles and the opening of a joint pilot sustainable PhD school in two countries, which, according to the project participants, would be an example of good practice in the Western Balkans. In the near future, the universities of Montenegro and Albania will prepare recommendations to the competent ministries, together with which they wish to initiate a reform of the higher education system.

Source: um.si