Social Mobility Is the Major Prerequisite for Growth

GKN Driveline Slovenija will invest 14 million euros to exceed the figure of 100 million euros of revenue in 2018.

Zreče — GKN Driveline Slovenija (GKNDS) bought out a land plot from the Unior Company to expand its manufacture. “We have ordered new equipment and signed product supply contracts,” Peter Smole, the GKNDS director, says. The GKN international corporation with 56 thousand employees in 30 countries and 7.7 billion of revenue in 2015 has been the Company’s owner since 1998. The Company currently plans to expand its production in Slovenia.

“Although at first we had some concerns, we are now convinced that at that time, we could only dream of such owner,” the former GKND director Andrej Poklič said. He had ran the Company before it became a foreign ownership, and now he holds the position of the GKN chief operation officer in the South-Western Europe.

The Company from the city of Zreče, which today manufactures components for the majority of European and many overseas car brands, was founded more than 30 years ago. This year, it has employed more than 400 people and plans to receive 73.5 million euros of revenue. This year, the company has invested 6.1 million euros in the expansion of manufacture and development. Next year, it will invest 8.5 million euros more. All these are Company’s own funds. “Over the past 20 years, we have always paid much attention to expanding our manufacture and development,” Andrej Poklič explains.

Соціальна мобільність - головна передумова зростання

From left to right — Andrej Poklič, the chief operations officer of GKN Driveline in the South-Western Europe, Helmuth Rohregger, the chief executive officer of GKN Driveline Europe, Peter Smole, the director of GKN Driveline Slovenija, and Rudi Muench from GKN Driveline Europe


New investments mean growth of revenue

It is expected that already by 2018, the investments will increase the GKND Company’s revenue up to the amount of 100 million euros. Until now, the Company has been regularly modernizing and expanding its manufacture. Ten years ago, they manufactured 1,200 half wheel drives per day, and today this figure exceeds 6,000. Twenty years ago, they manufactured 2,000 homokinetic joints on a daily basis, and today — 16,400 units per day. Two decades ago, 1,000 tripods were manufactured daily, and today the manufacture volume has grown up to 17,000 units a day.

According to the owner’s policy, GKND will restore security and satisfaction of employees. The Company encourages negotiations with employees on the harmonization of working process and believes that the trade union and workers’ council contribute to its more successful operation.


The local environment in social projects

Andrej Poklič explains the importance of cooperation with local environment regarding the implementation of social projects. “These days, we are hosting a number of workers that come to us from our foreign affiliates to participate in the advanced training courses. During the first week, they will work in Slovenske Konjice, where they will help to repair a kindergarten and learn on how important the custody and care of neighbours is. This will surely ensure a more successful cooperation between the Company team members.”