The Slovenian Studio ‘Bevk Perović Arhitekti’ Won the International Construction Contest

The Ljubljana architectural studio ‘Bevk Perović Arhitekti’ won the international competition of projects for the construction of a new municipal gallery in Wiener Neustadt, which is 50 km from Vienna. The Neue Galerie und Kasematten Museum will be opened according to the design of the Slovenian studio.

The new art museum will open in 2019 on the outskirts of a large city park. The project program includes the restoration of the medieval fortress, a former ammunition depot and casemates, next to which an outbuilding and a multi-purpose exhibition hall will be built.

The layout of the new museum will include three parts:

  1. a hall – this is an object self-adjoined to the entrance of the fortress, which will organically complement the building;
  2. renovated warehouses;
  3. a new gallery – it will be located separately from the castle and communicated to it with an underground corridor.

Wiener Neustadt: New Roles of the Old Buildings

The warehouses located near the renovated galleries will play a new role in this architectural project of the historical and cultural monument. The Bevk Perović studio’s project is designed to integrate the old buildings with the new programs.

As the architects noted, within the framework of this project, they did not consider the old buildings as historical “artefacts” only that restricted the new developments. They wanted to restore them, fill them with a new meaning, and make them the key link between the past and the present, so that they could again play an active role in the life of the city.

In addition to the new exhibition halls and restored warehouses, the new public spaces, such as a square and a park ensemble with a cafe, will also appear in the city as part of the new project.