Slovenian Schoolgirl Wrote One of the Best Letters in the World

A 13-year-old Slovenian schoolgirl Daša Bahor from the Dragatuš (Bela Krajina) primary school took the third place in the international best letter contest. The contest has been held by the Universal Postal Union among students from around the world for over 40 years. This year, children were asked to write a letter about “What Will Be the World in 2047?” In total, the organizers received nearly 1 million letters from 64 countries.

In her letter, Daša Bahor wished that “In the future, there would be more place for diversity, rather than attempts to drive a man to a certain ideal image.” In addition, the 13-year-old girl described an invented story about the meeting with a migrant. “Every evening this issue was discussed in the news and in the Internet, and little by little I started thinking about this problem.”

Daša’s teacher of Slovenian language sent her essay to the Universal Postal Union contest, which named the girl’s letter one of the best ones. The Slovenian schoolgirl was awarded a bronze medal and a diploma from the Universal Postal Union.

The success of Daša Bahor testifies about the high level of education in Slovenia. “Our students are accustomed to high rewards, but this is the achievement of the international level and thus it can be considered a unique one,” Stanislav Dražumerič, the headmaster of the Daša’s Dragatuš primary school, says. He added that their teachers are also proud of this award.