Slovenian Museums and Galleries Invite to Their Virtual Exhibitions

Slovenian museums and galleries offer to visit their exhibits remotely. While our life is smoothly returning in its ordinary grooves, we offer a selection of interesting exhibitions and virtual walks that you can visit from home.

Photo: Slovenian museums and galleries offer to visit their exhibits remotely/pixabay/andymeyer67

1. National Gallery

On the website of the central gallery of Slovenian artwork, you can walk through the halls and look at the collection covering Slovenian and European works of the 12th–20th centuries.

2. National Museum

The oldest Slovenian museum invites visitors to see both current exhibitions and permanent exhibitions, making a journey into the past, starting from the Iron Age. You can also take a walk through the beautiful Snežnik Castle in south-western Slovenia.

3. Vodnik’s House

Not far from the centre of Ljubljana, you can visit the memorial house, which is the birthplace of the great Slovenian poet Valentin Vodnik. Today it hosts a number of exhibitions and other cultural events. On 9 May 2020, in collaboration with the Press Museum, a virtual exhibition “Tito and the Press: From Icon to Cult,” based on archival newspapers dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Tito’s death, was opened here.

4. Local Lore Museum in Maribor

The building, which is a combination of a fortress and a palace, presents archaeological, ethnological, cultural, and historical collections of Maribor and its environs. The “I Believe. So I Exist” exhibition dedicated to various religions is offered to the museum visitors in online mode.

5. Slovenian Coal Industry Museum

On the museum’s website, visitors can familiarise themselves online with the traditions of coal mining and the life of miners in the past. With the help of a virtual exhibition, you will make your way from mining locker rooms to apartments, touch the mysterious underground world and feel how hard was the mining work.