Slovenian Language Is Taught Not Only in Europe, But Also in Asia and America

About 2,500 students around the world study Slovenian as the second foreign language every year. It is taught in 58 higher educational institutions, mainly in Europe, as a study programme, an elective course or a subject. The Slovenian language courses are also held in the USA, Argentina, China and Japan.

In the southern hemisphere of the planet, 36 students (two groups) of the Catholic University in Cordoba (Argentina) master the basics of the Slovenian language for the first time in this academic year. These are mostly the descendants of Slovenian emigrants.

Cordoba is the second city of Argentina. It is inhabited by various peoples, considered exotic by the locals – Slovenes, Croats, Poles and Ukrainians. In addition to Cordoba, Slovenian is taught at the universities of Buenos Aires (since 2003) and La Plata (since 2008).

The Slovenian linguistic attracts not only those Argentines whose ancestors once moved from Europe to South America for various reasons, but also by the original residents. For the latter, the Slovenian language is a challenge, a chance, a possibility for self-development and cognition of the culture of a little-known country located 12 thousand kilometres from their homeland. Along with the Slovenian language, Argentine students often learn for free other Slavic languages, for example, Russian or Ukrainian.

The main structure that trains teachers of the Slovenian language abroad is the Centre for Slovenian as the Second Foreign Language, which operates as part of the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana. The faculty offers the Slovenian Language in Foreign Universities study programme, which is funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

In this programme, with the assistance of a teacher, students learn not only grammar and vocabulary, but also get acquainted with Slovenia, its history, sights and culture. During each academic year, students watch Slovenian films, meet with artists, participate in music events and literature readings. It is worth noting that today over 30 thousand descendants of Slovenian immigrants live in Argentina, who have been cherishing the connection with the language of their ancestors for several generations.

It is important to add that foreign applicants who are preparing for admission to educational institutions in Slovenia also have a great opportunity to attend language courses organized by 2TM and get the necessary language base that will allow them to study successfully and feel comfortable in a new country. Despite the fact that Slovenian belongs to the group of Slavic languages ​​and, accordingly, is intuitive for representatives of Slavic peoples, it is not as easy to learn as it may seem at first glance, say nothing of the representatives of other cultures. Therefore, language courses are the best solution for those who want to achieve serious results in a short time.