Slovenian Labour Market Experiences a Shortage of Waiters, Cooks and Maids

There is a shortage of waiters, cooks and maids in the Slovenian labour market. Therefore, the institutions of tourism industry are willingly employing the citizens of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Waiters and cooks, as a rule, work on holidays and weekends, sometimes with a non-standard schedule.

The owners of hospitality companies, mainly in the most popular tourist centres of the country (Ljubljana, Piran, Portorož, Nova Gorica), often employ foreign students with good knowledge of English and basic knowledge of Slovenian, German and Italian as seasonal workers. Legislation does not allow them to be hired as official employees. Employers provide them with accommodation and meals. As the owner of one of the local hotels Mate Matjaž noted, in 2017, in Portorož, students from Belgium, Italy and France worked as waiters and cooks in the status of seasonal workers.

According to the latest data from the Statistics Service (April 2018), an average salary in the tourism industry made 1,170 EUR gross (796 EUR net) while in the hospitality industry it amounted to 1,381 EUR gross (921 EUR net). The minimum wage rates for waiters, chef assistants and dishwashers start from 800 EUR gross.

The hourly wage of students in the tourism industry as a whole ranges from 5.92 to 10.65 EUR gross (5–9 EUR net). The highest hourly wage rates for students are in Ljubljana and the regions of Primorska, Obalno Kraška, Gorizia and Gorenjska.

According to the Employment Service, as of Tuesday, 3 July 2018, 137 vacancies of waiters, 111 vacancies of cooks, 17 vacancies of hotel administrators, 5 vacancies of cook assistants and 4 vacancies of maids have been offered in the country.

As previously reported, the 2TM Company conducts relevant negotiations with a number of leading enterprises of the country and development agencies. Some of them have already expressed their interest in foreign specialists (in particular, in the hospitality industry) and readiness for cooperation. The 2TM team keeps working in this direction.