Slovenian Gymnasiums Decently Represent the Country at the International Geography Olympiad in Hong Kong

From 30 July to 6 August 2019, the 16th International Geography Olympiad was held in Hong Kong. The Olympiad was attended by 166 students from 43 countries. At this event, Slovenia was represented by a student of the Velenje Educational Centre Gymnasium, the winner of the National Olympiad – Marko Brekenjačević (mentor – Tanja Golob). Besides Marko, the country was represented by 3 more gymnasium students and a mentor from the Department of Education.

On the first day of the Olympiad, participants wrote an essay on global geographic issues. On the second day, they were engaged in area survey and ground mapping. On the third day, the contestants performed a multimedia test for checking general knowledge of geographical processes. At the end of the event programme, the teams presented their posters prepared in advance. The theme of the posters was Discovering a Vibrant City for Our Smart Future.

As a result of the Olympiad, the Slovenian team showed a decent result. The Slovenian gymnasium students won 1 silver and 1 bronze medals. It should be added that the Slovenian students managed not only to compete but also to explore some of the Hong Kong sights.