Slovenian Gymnasium Students Take Bronze Medals at the International Olympiad in Biology

Students of the Škofja Loka Gymnasium, Tina Logonder and Bor Krajnik, won bronze medals at the International Olympiad in Biology held in Tehran. In total, 269 participants from 68 countries took part in the Olympiad.

Klemen Kirbus (Maribor Gymnasium) and Tim Zaveršek (Celje Gymnasium) also participated as part of the Slovenian team. Their participation in the competition was held under the aegis of the Slovenian Technical Culture Union. To reach the highest international level of the Olympiad, the gymnasium students had to undergo a serious selection. First, they won the school Olympiad (under the guidance of Mojca Mravlja), then the national Olympiad, in which about 300 students compete and only 8–10 people go to the finals. Later, the jury selects only 4 students for participation in the international Olympiad.

After completing the selection, the Slovenian team had six days of intensive training for the Olympiad at the Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Ljubljana. Classes and workshops lasted 9 hours a day. Local teachers participated in the training of the students.

The theoretical part of the Olympiad included two stages lasting 3 hours each, and the practical part was held in four stages lasting 1.5 hours each. The Olympiad contest included tasks in biology, biochemistry, morphology of flora and fauna, ecology, and evolution. The practical part was closely related to chemistry.

It should be noted that students of the Škofja Loka Gymnasium take part in the international Olympiads on general subjects every year, in particular, eight students have presented their educational institution at the international level during the current academic year. The high level of knowledge possessed by Slovenian gymnasium students is eloquently evidenced by the won awards.