Slovenian Gymnasium Students Again Become the World Champions at the International Contest in Physics

Students of the Želimlje Gymnasium have won the International Contest in Physics held in Israel for the third time.

At the 23rd International Team Contest for the Manufacture and Opening of Safes, the Slovenian students took the first and the third places. Among the 23 participating teams, the first place was taken by the students of the Želimlje Gymnasium, and the third place—by the students of the Nova Gorica Gymnasium.

A safe must be manufactured being transparent on one side and locked with an electromechanical or a digital security lock. Each participating team had 10 minutes at its disposal to open the safe of the rival team.

The overall score at the contest consisted of several components: the basic theoretical knowledge of environmental physics in safes, the originality of riddles in safes, the success of safe opening by other participating teams, and the class of safe burglary resistance and the level of interest in safe from other contestants.