Slovenian Designers Create an Original Festive Christmas Tree

Young Slovenian designers from the Ljubljana studio Hello Yellow House have created an artificial wooden Christmas tree from environmentally friendly renewable materials. The tree of up to 1.5 metres in height is made on the basis of sustainable technologies and does not contain plastic and other harmful substances. The product is made manually and under the order. Walnut wood is most often used as the production material.

The authors presented their product on the crowdfunding platform of creative projects – Kickstarter, and, having quickly collected the necessary funds, found buyers in the USA, the countries of Central Europe and Slovenia. The wooden festive Christmas trees were sent to 100 new owners. These are mostly young people and families with small children and pets.

The Christmas trees are designed for the long-term use. This is a rational alternative to the live Christmas trees that are thrown away at the end of the New Year holidays, and artificial plastic Christmas trees, which can also be used for years, but are made of non-renewable materials.

It is worth noting that the cumulative annual turnover from the sale of festive live Christmas trees in Europe alone amounts to around 50 million dollars.