Slovenian Company GenEplanet Receives 10 Million Euros of Swiss Investment

The Slovenian biotechnology company GenEplanet has received 10 million euros of investment from the Swiss JF Investments Fund for development and access to new markets. In its turn, the Swiss Fund became the owner of 25% stakes of the company.

The company, established in 2008, is exclusively export-oriented. It already operates in 35 countries and maintains procedures in 15 languages. Slovenia accounts for only 4% of its turnover. It has recently entered the markets of Poland, Germany, Turkey and the UAE. In 2017, GenEplanet showed a 100% growth in revenues. The company employs 50 people. Besides, the company currently offers 20 vacancies. The planned turnover at the end of 2018 is 5.5 million euros.

GenEplanet specialises in the informatization of healthcare, analyses data from 500 laboratories and clinics around the world, develops diets and prepares recommendations in the field of disease prevention, healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition. In addition, the company itself conducts private genetic studies (on the basis of a saliva sample analysis) for individual customers to help establish human predisposition to certain diseases (e.g., lactose intolerance). In the near future, all the working data will be merged into a special web application.

According to the founder and director of GenEplanet, 32-year-old Marko Bitenz, the company already works with some large international companies, for example, with the Alliance insurance company as well as the largest laboratories and clinic networks in Europe and South America. The average age of its employees does not exceed 30 years. GenEplanet recruits highly qualified specialists in the field of biochemistry, genetics, nutrition and health.

In the near future, the company plans to open representative offices in London and Singapore, as well as actively conquer the billion-dollar Asian market. The company’s experts are studying the possibility of working in several countries in Africa, in particular, in Nigeria.