Slovenian Company GEM Motors from Kamnik Successfully Enters the Market of Electric Vehicles

The Slovenian company GEM Motors, together with the start-up Share Your Bicar under the auspices of the University of Applied Sciences (Zurich, Switzerland), is working on the creation of an original light electric vehicle Bicar. This project will increase the mobility of urban movement and reduce the level of environmental pollution. The development was supported by the European Programme of Sectoral Studies to enhance the competitiveness of the EUREKA economy.

GEM Motors has developed a multi-phase permanent magnet motor, which is fully integrated into the wheel and operates under the patented modular technology. Such solutions are used by large international manufacturers of passenger electric vehicles all over the world. Their clients come from Europe, South America, India, Canada, Indonesia and other countries.

Bicar is a three-wheeled electric car. It is a solution for cities with heavy traffic. Bicar weighs 120 kilograms, which contributes to a significant reduction in energy consumption. Thanks to the electric drive, it emits 140 times less carbon dioxide per kilometre than an ordinary car. This type of transport is able to develop a speed of up to 45 kilometres per hour. It should be noted that today cars that do not have enough parking space account for up to 45% of all traffic in cities, but a Bicar driver will never face such problems.

The GEM Motors experts have developed advanced and ultra-compact driving technology with increased efficiency and modular design. The driving technology combines an electric motor, controller, on-board control unit and battery pack, as well as all sensors on board. During the implementation of the project, it will be modernized with the help of communication technologies, which will provide a continuous flow of information about the vehicle and connection to smart applications, which will make it easy to manage an electric vehicle within the city.

According to the director of the company, Dr. Simon Mandel, Bicar is the ideal solution for cities, accelerating the pace of preparing for the introduction of ecological zones – the so-called Zero Emission or Low Emission Zones, where it will be prohibited to use vehicles with emissions of harmful substances. According to scientists, cars on fossil fuels will be out of use in cities until 2050.