Slovenia Will Allocate 8 Million Euros to Support the Woodworking Industry

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Products of Slovenia has published an official report on the subsidies to support the woodworking industry in 2016. The volume of investment will make 8 million euros. Beneficiaries may submit their applications into the electronic system from 21 November 2016 to 1 February 2017.

According to official information, the potential beneficiaries receive subsidies from the European Fund of Agriculture Development to support the agricultural sector and purchase new equipment for the woodworking sector in small volumes.

The grants are designed to support the projects that were presented after 1 January 2014 at the end of the deadline for submitting applications by the beneficiaries to receive the earmarked funds.

The size of subsidies may reach up to 40% of the planned financial expenses. The minimum amount totals to 3,500 euros per application.

For the entire financial period of 2014–2020, a beneficiary can receive up to 500 thousand euros of state support under the grants program.