Slovenia to Offer Tourists a New Hiking Route

In Slovenia, a 300-kilometre hiking route will open in the nearest future, which will introduce tourists to many natural sights of the country. The Travel informs that a new tourist trail through the Julian Alps called Julian Alps Hiking Trail will officially be opened in April 2019.

The first part of the route became available to tourists in October 2018. Its creators were inspired by the popularity of the Alps Adria trail, which leads travellers around Austria, Slovenia and Italy. A new trail was laid only on the territory of Slovenia – mainly in remote and rural areas.

The hiking route is the culmination of work carried out by ten municipalities in the region in order to increase tourist traffic and improve cooperation between local tourism organisations in transportation, food services and accommodation.

Bus and train routes that connect certain cities and small towns will make the path more accessible for tourists. After opening the hiking trail, the creators plan to build a bicycle route.

Along with the opening of the Julian Alps Hiking Trail, it is also planned to release a multilingual digital guide.