Slovenia Strengthens Cooperation with Japan in Rehabilitation Robotics

Slovenia and Japan are developing closer cooperation in the development and research of robotic therapeutic devices used in rehabilitation. The efforts are joined by representatives of science, medicine and business – the University Institute of Rehabilitation – Soča (URI – Soča), the University of Ljubljana, the Fujita Health University and the Toyota Motor Corporation. To this end, their leading representatives announced the first negotiations on the exchange of knowledge and technologies and signed two cooperation agreements on Tuesday, 13 August 2019.

The partners are united by a common mission – to give people the opportunity to be more mobile and help them return to their familiar environment faster. Their first collaborative steps will focus on negotiating the sharing of technologies developed by URI Toyota Motor Corporation in collaboration with Fujita Health University. URI – Soča and the University of Ljubljana work closely in joint research programmes with the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The Fujita Health University and Toyota Motor Corporation (Japan) are collaborating within the BR-Medicare Robotics Department, Frontier Research Centre, specializing in the design and manufacture of devices for patients undergoing rehabilitation after injuries or illnesses to restore or improve mobility.