Slovenia Reopens Outdoor Cafes, Libraries, Museums, Churches and a Number of Service Institutions

From today, 4 May 2020, Slovenia allows provision of services at the outdoor cafes, production and repair works in the textile, footwear and leather industries. Besides, from today, 4 May 2020, some servicing companies (photo and copy centres, metalworker’s shops, watch and jewellery workshops, hairdressers, beauty salons) are reopened in the country. From 4 May, worshippers can again visit Slovenian churches.

Photo: Slovenia is gradually quitting the quarantine/pixabay/lawyergaoge

A little later, from Wednesday, 6 May, libraries, galleries and museums will open their doors for all visitors. On the same day, 6 May, the Government will discuss a more detailed plan to further mitigation of measures against the spread of coronavirus.