Slovenia Has the Highest Hourly Wage Rate Among New EU Members

Slovenia has the highest average hourly wage rate among the new EU members, which makes 17 euros.

For comparison, the same indicator in Bulgaria is 4.9 euros, in Romania – 6.3 euros, in Lithuania – 8 euros, in Latvia – 8.1 euros, in Hungary – 9.1 euros, and in Poland – 9.4 euros. Greece and Portugal also feature lower indicator of the average hourly wage rate than in Slovenia.

The highest average hourly wage rate in Denmark is 42.5 euros, in Belgium – 39.6 euros, in Luxembourg – 37.6 euros, in Sweden – 36.6 euros and in France – 36 euros.

It should be noted that Slovenia is one of the few European countries that provides an opportunity of official employment for foreign students. Student employment is possible thanks to the Student Service Organisation (Študentski servis), which is actually acting as a labour exchange and tax agency for students. The organization is responsible for issuing “job referrals” for students, issuing invoices to employers, conducting payments, etc. The whole work experience of students and their full salaries (most often this is an hourly rate rather than a monthly payment) pass through the Student Service.

This is the only way for foreign students in Slovenia to find work in the country without losing their student status and all related privileges. Do not forget that the experience gained during the cooperation with the Student Service shall be included to your length of service. Besides, students can find jobs not only in Slovenia, but also abroad.