Slovenia Celebrates the National Resistance Day on 27 April

Annually, on 27 April, Slovenia celebrates the National Resistance Day. This holiday is celebrated in honour of the Slovene People Liberation Front foundation. The Slovene people was the key anti-fascist and anti-Nazi organization during the World War II. This is an official day off and one of the main public holidays in the country. The core solemn ceremony with the participation of the President Borut Pahor, the acting Prime Minister Miro Cerar, and the Parliament Speaker Milan Brglez was held in Trieste on 26 April 2018.

In honour of the holiday, the Administration of President Borut Pahor holds the Doors Open Day from 12:00 midday to 2:00 pm. Borut Pahor will meet with veterans members of the Union of the Associations for the Values of the National Liberation Movement of Slovenia (Slovene: Zveza združenj borcev za vrednote NOB-ja). An honour guard of the Slovene army elite units will stand in front of the President’s residence. Today, commemorative events will take place in the municipalities across the country.

The Liberation Front of the Slovene people was founded in Ljubljana on 27 April 1941. It became an organization that united the inhabitants of Slovenia in their struggle against the invaders. It was originally called the Anti-imperialist Front. Representatives of different political parties of Slovenia, as well as figures of culture, participated in its creation. The Liberation Front of the Slovene people took an active part in the general People’s Liberation War in Yugoslavia in 1941–1945. Slovenia was completely liberated from the invaders by the forces of the People’s Liberation Army of Yugoslavia on 15 May 1945. Until 1991, the holiday was called the Liberation Front Day.

2TM Company congratulates all citizens of the country on this great holiday!