Slovene Ivan Trajković Wins the Open Championship of Bulgaria in Taekwondo

Slovene taekwondoist Ivan Trajković won the open championship of Bulgaria. About 1,000 athletes participated in the competition. Besides Trajković, Slovenia was represented by another 7 Taekwondo practitioners: Sandra Milosavljević, Ana Petrušić, Dunja Lemajić, Matic Motaln, Nik Auguštin, Tilen Ajhmajer and Jure Pajk.

In a decisive fight, Ivan Trajković took over the titled Briton Massop Muhammad Lutal, the bronze champion of the 2012 Olympic Games in London and the silver champion of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

It should be noted that in Slovenia, much attention is paid to sports. It can be said that the sporting lifestyle in Slovenia is elevated to a cult, in the positive sense of this expression. Even the local nature here contributes to a variety of sports. Therefore, running, walking, swimming, mountaineering, team games, and, of course, cycling are extremely popular in Slovenia. Children here join in sports from an early age. Starting from a kindergarten, they already conquer tourist routes and participate in various sports. Children come to school already with an impressive collection of diplomas for the victories won, and continue to multiply them at a more serious level. Sports activities are increasingly supported in Slovenia’s universities. Individual study programmes for students engaged in sports at a professional level are also provided at higher educational institutions.