Slovakia Records the Lowest Mortality from Coronavirus among European Countries

According to Bloomberg, Slovakia has the lowest mortality from coronavirus among European countries. The introduction of severe measures immediately after detecting the first cases of coronavirus, as well as monitoring the contacts of patients, helped the country contain the epidemic. Thus, Slovakia was next after Italy to closed its borders and did it earlier than any other European country. Schools and shops were immediately closed as well. Politicians and broadcasters began wearing masks before the government made it mandatory.

Photo: pixabay/vperemencom

Speed is important. It’s ideal to keep the epidemic at a stage where you can track the contacts of each new case. Looking back, we can conclude that Slovakia did the right thing,” says Eva Schernhammer, the Head of the Epidemiology Department at the Medical University of Vienna.

To date, 3.3 deaths per 1 million people are recorded in Slovakia, while in Poland, this figure is 14.1, and in Spain – 496.2. “If this trend continues, we can say that we are one of the best to cope with the situation. The virus does not spread among the majority of the population,” says Martin Smatana, the Head of the Governmental Institute for Health Policy.