Similar to ISS Conditions: Cosmonaut Training Is First Held in the Škocjana Karst Cave

In Slovenia, the cosmonaut training programme developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) is being implemented for the first time. In September 2019, cosmonauts of ESA, NASA, Russian, Canadian and Japanese space agencies went down to one of the Škocjana caves with the aim of conducting a number of trainings, in particular, to master orientation skills in an adverse environment. According to the Head of the ESA cosmonaut training programme Rüdiger Seine, the caves have conditions as close as possible to those that exist on the International Space Station.

As noted by journalists of the Dnevnik publication, the successful completion of this project will pave the way for the implementation of new similar initiatives. According to the publication, the choice in favour of Slovenia was made due to two factors: the availability of suitable conditions and the infrastructure.