Seasonal Employment: About 4,500 Work Positions for Students Are Available in Slovenia

To date, about 4,500 seasonal student vacancies have been opened in Slovenia. This is almost 1,000 vacancies more than in the same period of 2017 and approximately the same as it was in the pre-crisis year of 2008. This data is reported by the staff of the Student Services.

July and August are the most popular months for the employment of students. This is the summer vacation period, when 2/3 of all pupils and students are temporarily employed. The greatest demand for workers is observed in the tourism industry, the sale and promotion of goods and services, where an average hourly wage is about five euros. As the representative of the Adecco Student Service, Viviana Žorž, notes, in summer employers open one-third more vacancies for students than during the academic year, especially in large tourist centres.

During the entire calendar year, students are still interested in vacancies related to their major subject. After all, besides additional earnings, such work gives an opportunity to obtain the first professional experience, emphasizes Tea Jarc from the Mladi Plus trade union. This is a legitimate way of temporary earnings.

While some students experience difficulties in finding a job in their field, many companies, in turn, are focused on finding promising employees with knowledge of the basics of programming, computer science and technology. Despite an increase in the hourly wage rate and some other legislative changes, hiring students in the above areas remains a flexible way of employment, which temporarily replenishes the shortage of workers.