Russian Country Cottage Is a Cultural Monument in the Suburbs of Ljubljana

The Russian country cottage will be restored in 2018. The cultural monument of local importance, located in Zgornje Gameljne (suburbs of Ljubljana), was built as a traditional Russian country house in 1886. This is the only example in Slovenia of the Russian Empire country house architecture.

It is planned that the Russian country cottage will be completely restored until June 2018. Upon completing the repair and restoration work, the cottage will be open to all visitors, despite the fact that it belongs to the private owner.

During its history, the Russian country cottage has changed several owners. However, it received the status of a cultural monument of local importance and the corresponding (albeit formal) protection only in 2011. The last owner, the GEC.IN Company, which belonged to the Croatian Imperium Adria Company, was unsuccessfully trying to sell it during the whole year of 2013 for 259 thousand euros. Fortune smiled upon the interim administration appointed during the GEC.IN bankruptcy period. In September 2016, it sold the Russian country cottage at the auction for 105 thousand euros to the entrepreneur Aleš Musar (initial price was 68,500 euros, but the bidding of five interested buyers increased the price up to the above-mentioned amount). He will finance the improvement of the cultural monument.

The country cottage (in Russia, such houses were intended for recreation in the summer season) was presumably built by the architect Franz Ravnikar from Domžale. The specified buyer, the owner and the manager of the Ruska Dača Company, has already started the repair and restoration works. Currently, the wooden structures are being dismantled. The works will be carried out according to the project offered by the architect Vid Klančar from the settlement of Šentjošt. In October this year, he has received an official permission from the Office for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia.