Rok Starič Becomes the Best Young Businessman of 2018

A 31-year-old resident of Domžale, the owner of the Rok’s Nut Butter trademark, Rok Starič is recognized as the best young entrepreneur of 2018 in Slovenia. The products of his trademark available in the online store are popular not only among the residents of Slovenia. Austrians and Croats are also willing to place an order.

Starič has extended a rich assortment of products from peanut butter with 100% almond butter and ice cream with a 100% share of peanut butter. In parallel, he managed to secure himself a financial support from an Austrian investor worth 15,000 euros, which opens the way to foreign markets. Rok Starič is currently negotiating with the Bulgarians, the Chinese and the Germans.

The entrepreneur stresses that the market for peanut butter products is only expanding and has the potential for further development. The current goal of the Rok’s Nut Butter company is to achieve 200,000 euros of sales revenue in 2018.

According to Rok Starič, his business is not about money as such, but about a project that ensures sales of high-quality and affordable products as well as the trust of partners. He notes that the key to success is his dedication and focus on results. Rok Starič jokes that he dreams to spent “only 10 hours a day for his work, but not 30 hours, as he does now.”