Last year, at the age of 30, I decided to radically change my life and start all over again. I stumbled upon this decision in July 2016. I hastily began to sort out the options, where and how to “run off”.

However, I did not want to just lie on the beach and spend money. My intention was to combine, so to speak, the useful with the pleasant. Studying! – I thought then. Based on my previous experience, I knew that deadlines for filing documents to European universities were until May at best. Having googled study programmes in Europe, I stumbled upon the University of Ljubljana, where the deadline for submission of applications was until the end of September. Without hesitation, I decided to take this chance!

I was very busy at that time and had absolutely no time to prepare documents, study requirements for entrants and so on. God bless Google, by clicking the first link under the “study in Slovenia” query, I got to the 2TM website. I immediately noted the user-friendly interface of the site and a huge amount of information. I got in touch with the company and thus the story started. I worked with the St. Petersburg office, with Ksenia. By the way, she is a very nice girl, with whom it was sometimes pleasant to just talk.

The 2TM employees worked quickly, efficiently and without any problems. There was some difficulty with the diploma apostilling, but the issue was resolved, and I was safely enrolled in the University for the Master’s degree study programme on Banking and Financial Management.

Having my last working day on Friday, I landed in Ljubljana on Sunday. The 2TM staff greeted me at the airport and drove with comfort to my place of residence (by the way, it was also found by 2TM). They also helped with the conclusion of the contract and other formalities. After settling into my room, I fell asleep until the next day.

Having left my job on Friday, on Monday I already visited the first lecture. The Ljubljana University Faculty of Economics is located in modern buildings with comfortable classrooms, state-of-the-art equipment, and a pleasant atmosphere.

During the first months, 2TM employees consulted and supported me in every way, helped with any questions, and to the present day, I happily go to their office to chat.

Ljubljana, and the whole Slovenia, are very clean, calm, with excellent ecology and low crime rate. A sense of security and tranquillity is present here all the time. The nature in Slovenia is very beautiful and very diverse – from mountains to the sea. Of course, Ljubljana is a boring city to my taste. The nightlife here i very poor. People are nice, but remote and keep a distance. To my mind, for an emotional and hot-tempered person, it’s hard, and Slovenes are afraid of my perseverance and openness 🙂 But I can always dispel my boredom by spending just 1.5 hour to reach Croatia or a couple of hours to come to Italy, and also 4 hours to visit the beautiful Budapest.

Having walked around in neighbouring countries, I happily return to the silence and peace of Ljubljana.