Review of Current Housing Development Projects in the Primary Market of Ljubljana

An average cost per square metre of housing in new builds ranges from 2,800 to 3,500 euros. The proposal concerns the residential complex Vila Brnikova (near the Technology Park) and new builds in the Zeleni Gaj neighbourhood. In 2018, the residential complex Tribuna will be put into operation. This year, the construction of a residential complex Novo Brdo (174 apartments) will start on the territory of the Zeleni Gaj neighbourhood.

In 2017, under favourable economic conditions, the real estate market has been growing rapidly as well. According to the Department of Geodesy, in the first half of the year, the largest number of the housing sale and purchase agreements were signed after the record-breaking year of 2007. In Ljubljana, the majority of apartments in new builds have been sold out. This was the case with apartments in the residential complexes Belle vie Tivoli and Vile Celovške, which had been fully sold out before the completion of construction.

Starting from June 2017, slightly more than half of 64 apartments and 18 cottages of high price category have been sold out in the Zeleni Gaj neighbourhood. According to the website, another 32 apartments and cottages are currently on sale. The cost per square metre is from 2,500 to over 4,000 euros.

A new residential complex Vila Brnikova is under construction in the vicinity of the Technology Park. The investor is the P grem company owned by the former well-known Slovenian sportswoman Petra Majdič. It is planned to build six apartments with an original layout. The construction is at the initial stage. The first and partly the second floors have been already built.

Apartments have an area from 85 to 120 square metres. The prices range from 2,800 to 3,500 euros per square metre. Each apartment has two car slots in the garage.

In 2018, the completion of the Prulah housing construction is expected. In the residential complex Tribuna, 64 apartments will be offered for sale. The start of the sales campaign is expected at the beginning of the year. GH Holding, led by Blaž Miklavčič, has not yet disclosed the cost per one square metre.

New housing will be built in the Podutik neighbourhood, where an entrepreneur Rupert Gole has recently bought a large plot of land with an area of ​​160 thousand square metres. At the auction, he spent 1.5 million euros. The start of construction works is planned for the beginning of 2019. In total, 56 apartments are planned to be put into operation.

The bank debt management company (DUTB) deals with the construction projects as well. In his interview with the Finance website, Andrej Lazar notes that in the Podutik neighbourhood, it is planned to build houses for 300 apartments. DUTB will ensure the allocation of land for construction, but it is looking for a partner to implement this project, the completion of which is expected in 2020.

The construction of new residential buildings is also planned in the already mentioned Zeleni Gaj neighbourhood. Houses will be located in the Pot Rdečega Križa Street. The residential complex will be called Novo Brdo. Operators of the construction will be the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia and Ljubljana Housing Fund. All 174 apartments will be rented at the expense of the Government.