Revenues of Top-10 Casinos in Slovenia

The proceeds of the Slovenian casinos in 2015 were the most successful in the last three years. However, they have not yet reached the pre-crisis levels. The Hit Casino became the most successful gambling venue.

Top-10 of the largest casinos in Slovenia, according to the Business Register, earned slightly less than 180 million euros. In total, 36 casinos operated in the country at the end of 2015. Most of them are located in the Obalno-kraška region (10), followed by the Goriška region (8), and Podravje (7).

The Revenues of the Hit Casino Make 121 Million Euros

In 2015, the Hit Casino (Nova Gorica), which is the biggest gambling establishment in Slovenia, received 121 million euros of sales revenues and nearly 6 million euros of profit.

Such success of the Hit Casino can be explained, in particular, by the last year’s sales of the Resort Maestral and the Hit Montenegro subsidiary. “Selling the Maestral brought additional financial injections that helped to fulfil the program of financial and organizational restructuring of the company in a timely manner. This allowed us to plan well and implement our business plans,” the Hit representatives commented on their work.

The Hit in Slovenia has 4 gambling and entertainment centres (Perla, Park, Korona, Mond) and 2 casinos (Fontana and Casinò Drive-in). The subsidiaries of the Hit Group manage the gambling and entertainment centres Aurora (Casino Kobarid) and Coloseum in Sarajevo (Hit Coloseum) as well as the gambling salon Casinò Larix (Hit Larix).

The Casino Portorož — 2nd Place in Revenues, and the Fortuna — 2nd Place in Profit

The Casino Portorož possesses the second place in terms of revenue volumes in 2015. It owns two large casinos with more than a hundred years of history — the Grand Casino Portorož and the Grand Casino Lipica. The Casino Portorož has 16 million euros of revenue, while its profit is estimated at 415 thousand euros.

The 2nd place in profit belongs to the Mako Company. It owns the Casino Fortuna in Nova Gorica with 5 million euros of revenues and 2 million euros of profit.