Residence permit in Europe

Residence Permit in the European Union for You and Your Family

The 2TM Company has been operating in the education and immigration service market since 2015 and offers vast professional support in immigration to Europe.

Immigration to Europe is the process of legal moving on various grounds to a country of the European Union for foreign citizens from third countries. This process is not easy and requires up-to-date knowledge of the legal framework and strict compliance with the moving requirements. Depending on whether you are moving to Europe for the purpose of study, employment, personal business or family reunion, the legal requirements will differ as well.

2TM specialists are ready to provide comprehensive support in obtaining a residence permit in Europe.

Residence Permit in Europe for Study Purposes

The 2TM Company offers services for admission to educational institutions in Slovenia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Hungary, as well as for obtaining or extending a residence permit for study purposes in these countries. We also help with the student’s family reunion procedure.

To be eligible to obtain a residence permit in Europe for study purposes, you must first be enrolled in the chosen study programme and receive confirmation of enrolment from the educational institution. This document will serve as a basis for the subsequent receipt of a residence permit.

In Slovakia and Hungary, students receive a residence permit once for the entire period of studies. In Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Germany, the study residence permit is extended based on the successful completion of each academic year and the transition to the next year of studies. If you are in the process of entering or have already entered a university or college in Europe, contact us for assistance in obtaining a residence permit.

Europe does not limit the age of students for admission to colleges and universities. This means that, at the time of enrolment, they may already have their own family. Such students, as well as foreigners with other purposes for obtaining a residence permit, have access to the family reunion programme. Minor children and the student’s spouse are subject to the family reunion programme.

Residence Permit in Europe for Business Immigration Purposes

The 2TM Company offers business immigration services in Slovenia and Slovakia. We will help you determine the relevant commercial activities for your company in the selected country, register an available form of a legal entity, open a bank account, solve accompanying tasks at the start of the company’s operation, obtain a legal address, maintain accounting, prepare and submit tax reports, and face successfully other challenges. We will also help entrepreneurs’ families go through the reunion procedure. We will be of use for extending the residence permit and obtaining permanent residence in Slovenia or Slovakia.

Despite the fact that the EU is an integral entity, each country has different requirements for obtaining a residence permit for business purposes. Business immigration in Slovenia and Slovakia has significant differences.
In Slovenia, a foreigner can open only a limited liability company. To obtain a Slovenian residence permit to launch such a company, an entrepreneur will need to demonstrate the active work of the company for a period of 6 months. This could be an investment, a hired local employee, or the achievement of the company’s regulated monthly turnover.

In Slovakia, a foreign businessman can register a limited liability company or become an individual entrepreneur. Both legal forms are available for any foreign entrepreneur. To obtain a residence permit in Slovakia for business purposes, a foreigner must provide the required financial investments in the chosen type of legal entity.

Family Reunion in Europe

2TM provides family reunion services in Slovenia and Slovakia for study, business immigration, and employment purposes.

The applicant’s spouse and minor children are subject to the reunion programme.

In Slovenia, in order to start the family reunion procedure for any purposes (except for the Blue Card holders), the main applicant must extend his or her first residence permit for another year and prove the availability of funds to provide financial support to all family members. Afterwards, the family reunion procedure can be initiated.

In Slovakia, family members of a businessman, an employee or a student are entitled to the reunion programme immediately after the main applicant receives a residence permit.

Residence Permit in Europe for Employment Services

The employment procedure in Europe for foreigners includes the following steps:

  1. Job hunting.
  2. Conclusion of an employment contract.
  3. Obtaining an employment residence permit.
  4. Moving to the chosen country.

2TM assists in obtaining a residence permit for employment purposes in Slovenia or Slovakia. Our company does not provide job hunting services. You can apply to us if you already have a valid employment contract. The 2TM experts will prepare documents to register an employment residence permit, help with their submission to the administrative authorities, and track the status of registration in Slovenia or Slovakia.

The first residence permit for employment purpose must be issued in the country of the applicant’s current residence.

Residence Permit for Blue Card EU Purpose — EU Blue Card

The 2TM Company assists foreign citizens and their families in obtaining an EU Blue Card for the Republic of Slovenia.

The Blue Card combines a work and residence permit in the EU for third-country nationals with unique professional experience and education. Thanks to this opportunity, highly qualified specialists can get a job and build a career in a European country with a high standard of living and guaranteed high wages.

Not every employer in Slovenia can initiate the employment of a unique employee and provide this employee with a Blue Card. In addition to other requirements for the company itself, the candidate must be offered a contract for a period of at least 2 years and a salary that exceeds the market average level by at least 1.5 times.

The advantages of obtaining a Blue Card in Slovenia are that a residence permit is issued immediately for 2 years and, in case of the contract extension, the residence permit will be extended for the relevant period. The family reunion procedure of such employees can take place without waiting for a period of 1 year, as it is prescribed in the law for the foreigners obtaining a residence permit for other above mentioned purposes.

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