Researchers from the University of Nova Gorica Play an important Role in the Development of X-ray Laser

An international group of researchers including the staff of the Quantum Optics Laboratory at the University of Nova Gorica – Prof. Dr Primož Rebernik Ribič and Prof. Dr Giovanni De Ninno – introduced a new method of obtaining strong and coherent x-ray flashes, which can be used to study the interaction between the basic building blocks of a matter. The Slovenian researchers played a key role in the work of the international group. The researchers used a new method, in which a cluster of electrons before emission is appropriately prepared to emit light with a precisely defined wavelength.

The experiment was conducted with a FERMI free electron laser in the settlement of Bazovica pri Trstu. The results were published in the Nature Photonics journal.

It should be recalled that the University of Nova Gorica has recently sold its patent rights to the Method of Storing Energy in a Solid Body to CES, inštitut znanosti in tehnologije, d.o.o.

The author of the patent is Prof. Dr Matjaž Valant, the Head of the Materials Science Laboratory and the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Sciences at the University of Nova Gorica. The patented invention solves one of the key current problems in the energy sector arising from unbalanced production and consumption of electricity. This problem is especially pronounced in cases when mains receive more energy from unstable sustainable sources like wind and sun.