Representatives of the Maribor University Tourism Faculty Visit the Netherlands as part of the Geofood Project

Employees of the Maribor University Tourism Faculty, Assoc. Prof. Dr Maja Turnshek, Assist. Barbara Pavlakovič, and Prof. Katja Čanžar, together with the Municipality of Brežice, organised a study tour to the Netherlands as part of the Geofood project. It was attended by representatives of the faculty and the municipality, as well as local food producers.

As part of the tour, participants attended an official event dedicated to the launching of the Aquaponics Research Centre at the University of Wageningen. Besides, the Slovenian delegation visited a number of greenhouses and farms in the Netherlands.

The Geofood project is part of the larger European Geothermica project (ERANET Cofund GEOTHERMICA project, project No. 731117, co-financed by the European Commission) aimed at promoting the use of geothermal resources. Geofood actualises the use of geothermal energy for heating greenhouses, in which it is possible to set up an aquaponics system – parallel cultivation of fish and vegetables using fish waste to fertilize plants. At the same time, the value of the existing system can be increased by turning it into a tourist offer. The project partners are the University of Wageningen, LandIng Aquaculture and Ammerlaan (the Netherlands), the Samraekt University (Iceland), the University of Maribor, and the Municipality of Brežice, Slovenia.