Representatives of Alma Mater Europaea Take Part in the 19th Festival of Lifelong Education

On 2-4 October 2019, the 19th Lifelong Education Festival was held at the Cankar Centre in Ljubljana. This is a unique and actively attended event in the field of education of elderly people in Slovenia and throughout Europe. This year, the festival has been attended by over 17,500 people from all over the country. As part of a large-scale event dedicated to the International Day of Elderly People, 10 expert discussions, 80 educational events and over 120 cultural events took place.

The festival was attended by students of the Social Gerontology programme Lana Hojs and Saša Kmet, as well as the programme’s curator, PhD student Veronika Gorišek. At the university’s booth, they presented the Alma Mater Europaea study programmes and above all the Social Gerontology study programme. The representatives of the educational institution note a high interest in this programme shown by both the elderly and young people.

In addition, as part of the festival, the Director of the Alma Mater Europaea Social Gerontology study programme Prof. Dr Jana Gorjup organised a panel discussion on the topic Slovenes, Aging and Age. The discussion touched upon the urgent problems of population aging and the accompanying social changes representing a serious challenge and increasing the demand for the profession of social gerontologist.