Rectors of Three Universities Initiate the Establishment of the Development Ministry

Rectors of three Slovenian universities, University of Ljubljana, University of Primorska and University of Nova Gorica, initiated the establishment of the Ministry of Development in the new Slovenian Government during the Conference in Vipava on Friday, 20 April 2018.

The Ministry of Development, in their opinion, should be responsible for such areas as science, innovation, higher education and technology (including information technology). The initiative draft will be sent to all political parties of the country.

In fact, we are talking about the fundamental principles for the preparation of a new law regulating the activities of universities in Slovenia. These principles, in the first place, focus on the autonomy of the university, freedom of choice in matters of internal management and development of new study programmes, etc. The rectors of the University of Ljubljana, the University of Primorska and the University of Nova Gorica are initiating the drafting of a law that would take into account the current realities, provide a possibility for universities to autonomously develop and operate for a longer period of time (without the need to make changes every few years).

The rectors discussed a possibility of accepting new members to the consortium. This topic will be discussed in more details at the next meeting. In addition, the heads of these universities adopted a new regulation, since the previous one needed revision.