Recommended for Visiting: 2ТМ to Take Part in the Education and Career Fair in Saint Petersburg

Exactly two months are left before the annual Education and Career Fair starts in Saint Petersburg. The 2TM team would like to inform in advance all our readers about this important event in order not to miss it. The largest educational forum, which is traditionally held alternately in two Russian capitals – Moscow and Saint Petersburg – for the first time in 2019 will be held on 16–17 March in the LenEXPO exhibition centre. The 2TM team will traditionally take part in it.

During the fair, we will be happy to present educational institutions of Slovenia to our potential clients – that is everyone who is interested in entering universities and colleges abroad. This country concentrates on its compact territory not only a huge number of attractions, but also the widest range of educational institutions. Just think of that – in Slovenia, there are 5 universities, 47 institutes and as many colleges, and each of these educational institutions offers interesting and promising study programmes, many of which, by the way, are not available to applicants in Russia. Besides, Slovenia is beneficial for its territorial proximity to the major European countries, such as Austria, Italy, and Germany, along with the openness of borders and the recognition of the Slovenian diploma throughout Europe. It is easy to guess what brilliant employment prospects open up to a graduate of a Slovenian university or college. Therefore, to receive detailed information, come to a meeting with our team and discover the prospects of education in Europe for yourself!

The results of the 2TM participation in the previous Education and Career Fair, which was held on 24–25 November 2018 in Moscow, are available here.