Real Estate Experts Identify Districts of Ljubljana that Are Most Popular with Housing Buyers

Realtors analysed the preferences of housing buyers in the capital of Slovenia and determined the most popular districts of Ljubljana. The general trend is that, due to the rapid growth in the cost of housing, buyers pay attention to less prestigious, but more affordable city districts. When choosing an apartment, a potential buyer pays not so much attention to the location as to the availability of appropriate infrastructure (kindergarten, school, convenient traffic intersection, and parking).

Therefore, according to realtors, the majority of buyers are interested in the offers for such districts as Vič, Bežigrad, Šiška, Zelena jama, as well as in the districts located far away from the centre such as Črnuče, Šentvid, Moste, Fužine, and Polje. At the same time, an average buyer, as a rule, does not consider offers in such districts as downtown, Trnovo, Pruli, and in the Rožna Dolina, where the price per 1 m² exceeds 3,000 euros.

Low-rise neighbourhoods such as Zelene Jarše, Belle vie Tivoli and Zeleni gaj na Brdu, where the average price per 1 m² is about 2,500 euros, are increasingly gaining popularity among buyers of primary housing. Apartments in these districts were sold out before the completion of construction works. It is these microdistricts, according to realtors, that are considered the best in terms of price-location ratio. In particular, the Kostak Company sold all 113 apartments for 5 months in the Zelene Jarše neighbourhood at an average price of 2,300 euros per 1 m². In addition, it plans to build several more houses for 340 apartments.

Thus, experts emphasize that the demand for housing as a whole remains high, but this applies only to the apartments with real market prices. For today, buyers prefer low-rise buildings of club and cottage type being less interested in multi-apartment housing complexes.