Programmers’ Week 2019: Results

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Informatics at the University of Maribor summed up the results of the Programmers’ Week 2019 held in October. During the Programmers’ Week, the staff of the Institute of Computer Science conducted seminars dedicated to the following topics: My First Neural Network, First Creative Steps in Computer Sciences, Programming Images with Blockly, Creating the First 3D Computer Game, Games for Android, Python Programming for High School Students, Fundamentals of Game Programming in Unity, Creating an Elementary Game. Over the course of two weeks, 17 events were held throughout Eastern Slovenia – from Ravne na Koroškem to Ormož.

The conducted seminars were aimed at the development of computer literacy in youth. As the organisers emphasize, computer systems are present in every profession – the question is how effectively we can use this environment.

It should be added that the Programmers’ Week is a traditional event and is held annually. Therefore, the faculty website informs that all those students who, for whatever reason, have not participated in the events this year, will be able to catch up in 2020.