The Prime Minister of Slovenia Miro Cerar Promises to Support Revoz

After a meeting concerning the issue of reducing the gap in the development of the southeastern regions of the country, the Prime Minister Miro Cerar announced that the Government would do everything for the balanced development of the southeast of Slovenia. During his visit to the Revoz plant, he promised that the government would fully support its new projects.

During his visit to the southeastern Slovenia, the Government held a meeting in Novo Mesto and visited the Renault plant. At the same time, the Prime Minister Miro Cerar highly praised the Revoz Company’s technology and noted its contribution to the Slovenian economy. Meanwhile, Cerar stressed that the Government is ready to further support Revoz under compliance with certain conditions.

He also expressed satisfaction with the Clia 4 model project, the production of which at the Revoz plant should begin in late February 2017, but also expressed some concern that Revoz, despite the high level of unemployment in the Dolenjska region, could hardly ensure a self-sufficient workforce, though, the work in Revoz does not require special skills.

In response, the Revoz board member Anton Zvonko Kink said that at the end of summer, Revoz had hired more than 200 people due to the expansion of its production. To implement the Clia 4 project in 2017, the Company plans to recruit another 300–500 employees. Since the nearest labour supplying regions, Dolenjsko, Belo krajino and Kočevje, have already depleted the human resources, the search for new employees will be extended to Ljubljana, Trbovelje, Sevnica and Celje. In addition, he has noted that the new employees are offered a gross salary of 910 euros + bonuses for overtime work.