Practical Skills for Successful Employment: The Benefits of Studying at Alma Mater Europaea

A graduate of the Bachelor’s degree study programme in Management shares her impressions of studying at the university.

The graduate of the bachelor’s degree study programme in Management at Alma Mater Europaea – ECM, Teja Uršič, tells about the reasons for choosing this particular programme. “I’ve decided to choose a study programme, with which I can build my future career in parallel with my studies. During the training, I launched my own business. I gave preference to the Management study programme because I liked the selection of subjects in Economics, Management, Computer Science and Law,” the student explains.

She also adds that it took her a lot of time to choose the study programme with the majority of subjects taught by practitioners. “The fact that all lectures are recorded and can be viewed anywhere, anytime and for several times has become a big advantage for me. Thus, I could work hard throughout my studies and gain the necessary professional experience. After all, finding a job is much easier if, after graduation, you can present to your potential employer all the experience gained during the training period,” says Teja Uršič.