PhD Thesis Is First Defended by a Deaf Student at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana

On Wednesday, 19 December 2018, for the first time, a deaf aspirant, a student of the Humanities and Social Science programme (Translation and Interpretation Theory), Marjetka Kulovec successfully defended her PhD thesis at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ljubljana. The theme of her work is “Analysis of the Sign Language Interpretation Strategies and Their Impact on Communication.” The thesis was prepared under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Špela Vintar.

According to the research advisor, this PhD thesis is an important scientific contribution, since it reveals the many previously unexplored aspects of the interpretation of sign language in the process of teaching deaf children.

Commenting on her achievement, Marjetka Kulovec tells that for many years of her teaching career, she has accumulated considerable practical experience in the field of the Slovenian sign language, but she still had a number of questions. Due to circumstances, she began working on the project “The Frame and Basics of the Slovenian Sign Language Grammar” (in Slovenian: Korpus in Pilotna slovnica SZJ), which is first to study and describe the Slovenian sign language. Participation in the project prompted her to continue and deepen the research, which ultimately led to her enrolment in the PhD study programme.