Open Tender on Pilot and Demonstrational Projects Demo Piloti II 2018 Is Announced

The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology has announced an open tender on pilot and demonstrational projects DEMO PILOTI II 2018. It is carried out as part of the Smart Specialization Strategy of Slovenia (S4). The budget of the tender is 56.6 million euros. Particularly, 41.4 million euros are provided for the region of Eastern Slovenia, and 15.17 million euros are allocated for the region of Western Slovenia.

The competition is held to develop and present original innovative projects in Industry 4.0. (meta-intellect, Internet of things, cognitive calculations, blockchain technology, grid computing technology). Particular attention is paid to new digital technologies aimed at developing innovative solutions that can stimulate further growth of the country’s economy.

Applications for participation are accepted until 23 October 2018. According to representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, the authors of the winning projects will have three years for their implementation and financial support in the amount of 1 to 5 million euros of subsidies.

The ministry hopes that the presented projects will help improve the living standard of citizens and create an attractive business environment for investors.