One of the European Space Agency Satellites Is Named after a Slovenian Schoolgirl

Within the framework of the Galileo Navigation Programme of the European Space Agency, the Tara satellite was launched from the Kourou spaceport (French Guiana). The satellite was named after a 17-year-old student of the Šentvid Gymnasium, Tara Keber.

She is humbled to receive such an award thanks to her victory in the Galileo drawings contest in 2011, when the 10-year-old Tara was a schoolgirl of the Kašelj basic school. Her drawing called Vesolje ka-BUM won in the category Space and Spaceships. The competition involved children born in 2000–2002 being citizens of 27 EU countries. One satellite from the Galileo Navigation Programme was named after each of the winners.

As Tara Keber states in her interview with STA that it is a great honour for her. “I am proud that the space satellite will carry my name,” she notes.

Earlier, within the framework of this programme, 22 satellites were launched into space. On Wednesday, four more satellites were put into orbit named after Tara from Slovenia, Samuel from Slovakia, Anna from Finland and Ellen from Sweden. The launch of the last satellite named after Patrick from the UK is expected to take place in two years. The satellites are launched from the spaceport of the European Space Agency in French Guiana on a European launch vehicle Ariane-5. The project cost is estimated at 10 billion euros.