Officially: Despite the Cancellation of the New Round of Admission to ERUDIO, Foreign Students Will Be Able to Complete their Study Programmes without Changing the Educational Institution

As we have already informed, the ERUDIO Education Centre has changed the admission procedure for the 2018/2019 academic year. According to the new regulations, the admission of foreign citizens to this educational institution will not be carried out.

In connection with the changed policy of the educational institution and limited opportunities in the next academic year, we will not register citizens of other countries. We apologize for the inconveniences,” as informed in the official letter sent by ERUDIO to the 2TM office.

On our request to clarify whether the foreign students who entered ERUDIO in the 2016/17 and in the 2017/18 academic years would be able to complete their education without changing the educational institution, the ERUDIO Centre confirmed the availability of such an opportunity.

Upon condition of passing academic exams and meeting the requirements for continuing education (or re-training), foreign students will have the right to complete their studies,” the ERUDIO stressed.

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