A Number of Vacancies for Students Has Grown by 20% before the Holidays

Many Slovenian companies offering festive products or services are looking to expand their staff in the run-up to Christmas and the New Year. Today, the Internet is full of job offers for zoo trainers, experienced skaters and other entertainment industry workers.

This year a number of such proposals in the Student Service has increased by 20% as compared to 2015. “Ads for employment during the period of Christmas and New Year holidays mainly relate to the souvenir retail shops, cafe and eatery staff, promoters for working in the mass entertainment events,” Saša Praček explains and adds that students can on average earn 5.2 euros gross per hour at such jobs.

Employers are willing to pay about 6.5 euros gross per hour for the role of Santa Claus and 14 euros gross per hour — to ski instructors. “Companies need temporary workers for the same positions as in the past, but also an increasing number of vacancies appears for editors of social networks and websites, through which companies communicate with their clients during the holidays,” Saša Praček says.

The online store mimovrste.com director Lea Benedejčič has noted that the fourth quarter of a calendar year brings her company up to 1/3 of the total annual income. In early December, the number of orders increases by almost half, and the consumer activity peak is in the middle of the month.

“On the eve of the festive season we are looking for warehouse workers through student services, and in recent years we also sign short-term employment contracts with our employees,” Lea Benedejčič says. She calls on all those willing to work at her warehouse in the nearest future to write at zaposlitev@mimovrste.si.

In December, the Slovenian students will be able to get employed in the Spar Slovenija supermarkets as cashiers, prepackers, warehouse and bakery workers. The Slovenian company Mercator is also in need of the student labour in some of its stores. “If there is a need for additional staff in the retail trade, we reallocate workers from the less congested stores as well as engage the Company’s office employees, because such actions strengthen the corporate spirit and create a great opportunity for communication,” the representatives of the Mercator Company explained.

Source: delo.si