New Houses for 1,000 Apartments to Appear in the Real Estate Market of Maribor

After 10 years, the housing construction has been resumed in Maribor. Works are conducted on several objects. In the coming years, about 1,000 new apartments will be commissioned in Styria – one of the Slovenia’s regional capitals.

The local secondary housing market was on the rise in 2018. Last year, the average cost of 1 m² of secondary housing reached about 1,500 EUR. At the same time, according to local realtors, the peak of the growth in housing prices is already behind. Over the past three months, they have been slightly decreased in the market (within 1%).

Construction operators are SH Global, Primius gradnje and Novogradnje Maribor. In particular, this spring, Novogradnje Maribor plans to start building houses for 260 apartments in the microdistricts of Studenci and Košaški dol. Preparatory works in the Studenci microdistrict will begin in mid-February 2019. A residential complex Novi Vrtovi will be built there.

In November 2018, Primius Gradnje began the construction works with a total budget of 20 million euro in the immediate vicinity of the Qlandija Shopping Centre. In addition to two residential buildings (Primius 1 and Primius 2), 32 cottage houses will be built.

Between Erjavčeva Street and Pekrska cesta, SH Global is building a small business-class residential area called Studenci Sunset Elite with 21 smart cottage houses. The majority of the houses have already been purchased.

In addition to private companies, the Republican Housing Fund will also conduct construction works in Maribor this year. According to its employees, it is planned to commission 115 apartments each year until 2022. A project for the construction of the Pod Pekrsko Gorco and Novo Pobrežje microdistricts (a total of 600 apartments) are currently being under development.