The National Anthem of Slovenia Sounded in Honour of Briljantina Teens in Sochi

The “Ice Cube” sports complex in the Sochi Olympic Park hosted the international competitions in acrobatic rock ‘n’ roll. For the second time in a row, the Slovenian youth team ‘Briljantina Teens’ became the world champion in the championship among juniors (under 18).

In the finals, the Slovenian team got a convincing victory having inscribed its name into the history of the world and the Slovenian rock ‘n’ roll and beaten two Russian teams. The success of Briljantina Teens became possible due to its coaches Mirjam Kerpan Izak and Anje Skube. In Slovenia, Briljantina Teens is known for its performances in the project “Slovenia Has Talents” (Slovenija ima talent).

In total, 21 teams from 7 countries were fighting in two age categories for the world champion title on the Ice Cube Curling arena in Sochi.