Medical Students Hold the Circle of Health Campaign in Ljubljana Dedicated to the Prevention of Heart Diseases

Today, on 18 April, students of the Medical Faculty hold an enlightening campaign called “Circle of Health” dedicated to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases on the Prešernov Square in Ljubljana. The event will last from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. All are invited to attend!

The organizer of the event is the Society of Medical Students of Slovenia. The event is held for the seventh consecutive year in the framework of the “Think about Heart” volunteer project. The participants of the project strive to present in a comprehensible way the problems of cardiovascular diseases, risk factors and preventive measures, among which, in the first place, there is a healthy and active lifestyle.

Besides, the participants of the event will measure blood sugar level, cholesterol level and blood pressure, as well as determine the ankle-brachial index[*], blood group, etc. All visitors will also be offered a free medical consultation.

The event will be accompanied by stands with information about the importance of donation, as the Centre of Transfusion Medicine and the Red Cross participate in the arrangement of this campaign. In addition, the stands will provide background information on healthy eating and active lifestyles, as well as other projects of the Society of Medical Students in Slovenia. Therefore, in the framework of the “Virus” and “Immune” projects, it is told about the importance of vaccination, about the prevention of the human papillomavirus infection, and about cervical cancer. The “For Life” project is devoted to the description of procedures for resuscitation and use of an electric defibrillator. The “Pulmo” project is aimed at the prevention of respiratory diseases, and the “Tooth” project focuses on the importance of oral hygiene.

It should be noted that an average life expectancy in Slovenia, according to recent data, is about 82 years. Meanwhile, it is steadily and markedly growing. According to the World Bank, in 1990, the representatives of this country lived for 9 years less. The average life expectancy of Slovenes in 2000 was 75 and a half years. Such high rates are the result of many factors, including good environmental situation, food products of high quality, active lifestyle, and sport activities. All conditions for a healthy lifestyle have been created almost everywhere, including in Slovenian educational institutions. For example, Maribor Students can take advantage of doing sports besides all their academic duties. There is a number of organizations in Maribor that provide services designed specifically for students, which, first of all, is evidenced by favourable prices. It is an individual decision which sport to choose, but, in any case, regular sports activities help to overcome day-to-day stress, improve concentration, and, from a global perspective, save health for many years.


[*] Ankle-brachial index (ABI) is the ratio of blood pressure in the lower part of leg or ankle to the hand blood pressure. ABI can be used as an indicator of peripheral arterial disease (PAD).