Master’s Students of the Maribor University Tourism Faculty Take Part in the Development of the Croatian Tourism Sector

The students of the Tourism study programme from the Maribor University Tourism Faculty prepared a roadmap and a project for the development of tourism in the localities of the Čabar municipality (Gorski Kotar region, Croatia). They participate in a joint project prepared by the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and the Government Department for Diaspora Relations.

The goal of the student project is to motivate the inhabitants of the Čabar municipality to develop responsible and sustainable tourism. The students have been preparing the ideas for the development of tourism in this municipality since October 2018, when they first visited Gorski Kotar and, during the two-day workshops, enjoyed local sights, tasted local cuisine and communicated with hospitable people in the region.

After analysing and preparing the project, the Master’s students of the Maribor University Tourism Faculty again went to Prezid, where, on 18 January 2019, they presented their ideas to local residents, representatives of local authorities, the ministry and the department. The event also included a presentation of the concept of “smart” villages with the deputy of the European Parliament, Franc Bogovič, as the main speaker.

The work done by students will be further systematised and published in book format.