Master’s Degree Students from the Faculty of Tourism at the University of Maribor Issue a Collective Monograph Based on the Results of Field Practice

At the Faculty of Tourism of the University of Maribor, the monograph titled The Programme for the Sustainable Development of Čabar Municipality Settlements in the Gorski Kotar region was published. This research work is the result of the field practice passed by the first-year students of the Tourism Master’s degree programme. Under the guidance of Assoc. Prof. Dr Marko Koščak and his assistant Barbara Pavlakovič, within the framework of the Sustainable and Socially Responsible Tourism subject, the students visited this region and formulated proposals for the further development of sustainable tourism.

The authors of the monograph are Nejc Pozvek, Debora Gambaletta, Mateja Kuntarič, Katja Kokot, Alena Nikola Rajković, Maja Alif, Nikolina Gaćina Bilin, Lea Plahuta, Jan Pokorny, Melana Lučić Jozak, Katja Murkovič, Tanja Hlebec, Irena Lazanski, Nataša Uršič, Helena Jakovina, and Nadja Mlakar; supervisors – Barbara Pavlakovič, Dr Marko Koščak.

The released monograph is the result of the second phase of the project aimed at sustainable activities and strategic development of the Čabar Municipality located at the Croatian border – from Prezid to Gerovo. The indicated territory is remote from the main Croatian transport arteries, however, it borders on three countries (Croatia, Slovenia and Italy), which for local residents have always been a source of work, a place of study and entertainment. The combination of different traditions left an imprint on the local culture, which combines a variety of customs, crafts and dishes.

I should be noted that students and their mentors studied the problem of tourism development with the active participation of the local population. After analysing the current state, they prepared their project for development and identified priority areas of work.